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Our All American Made Portable EZ Pools Truly Are
The Most Amazing Portable Pools Available

We have compiled just a few samples of the incredible Durability, Flexibility, Portablility, and Ease of Assembly of an EZ Pool. These stories and pictures, provided to us by our ever-growing family of happy EZ Pool owners, will help show you just want our pools can help you achieve. Whether it is a simple assembly for the kids, a seasonal pool for summers only, a specific size needed to fit an unused area of your yard, a more permanant in-ground with deck, or some other portable pool need - you will find an EZ Pool to be not only strong enough to handle your needs, but very, very capable.

From Dance Club to Swim Club posted 03.19.2009

There are far more Olympic Swim Team hopefuls, in the US, than there are Olympic size swimming pools available - especially in the more rural areas. The Andrews family wanted their son's swim team to have a fair chance, but could not find a long enough pool for them to practice in daily. So she found a dusty old dance club, cleaned it out then bought from us a 4 Lane 25m (82 Feet) long EZ Pool to create a fancy new swim club. Today, her son's swim team is breaking all kinds of swimming records. And it was all made possible because of our affordable and durable EZ Pools. Learn More..>>

Hot Lava, Cool Pool posted 12.05.2008

Most of the Hawaiian islands are made of hardened lava rock. Many of these areas are so firm and compact that it is extremely expensive to dig down into it. That many people on the islands have given up on the idea of ever owning their own pool because of this expense. But this customer came up with great way to take a 7' x 37' EZ Pool to create an in-ground lap pool for a whole lot less money than a traditional in-ground pool design. In fact, they saved so much money, they decide to put the saved money into a whole backyard makeover. Learn More..>>

A $100,000 Lap Pool for Only $10,000? posted 09.15.2008

See how one upstate New York foundation created a beautiful in-ground lap pool using one of our portable lap pools to do it. For no other reason than they were able to do it for a whole lot less money. Learn More..>>

"Thank God Your Pool Is Portable!" posted 08.08.2008

Here is a great example of how the portability of our EZ Pools helped one customer, who was planning on getting a pool, but their pool site was not ready yet. Rather than go a whole summer without a swimming pool, they went with ours, placed it in one spot temporarily, then moved it when the final spot was ready. Learn More..>>

"Tell Your Boss that Your Pool Saved Our House!" posted 08.05.2008

The 2008 Chico California fires were pretty bad. A lot of people lossed their homes, their possessions and their mementos. But one EZ Pool family used the water from their 12' x 27' Portable EZ Pool to save their house. Learn More..>>

Not Every Portable Pool Can Be on the Side of a Hill
- But We Made It EZ
posted 06.23.2008

Los Angeles County has some of the strictest building codes around and permit requirements of any major city/county. Codes so tough, that one customer almost gave up on having his very own swimming pool. But we, of course, made it EZ. Learn More..>>

The Right Size, the Right Color and Amazingly,
- the Right Price
posted 05.12.2008

Customers contact us all the time with very special needs for their swimming pool projects. Some people need an existing pool size to be modified, or a special color used - or even a special depth. For this one gentleman, he not only needed a special size, but he wanted a special color that no other portable pool company could do. But of course, we said "Yes we can.". Learn More..>>

A Portable Pool House? posted 08.28.2007

More and more families are discovering that they can achieve their swimming pool dreams for a lot less money with the use of a portable and flexible pool from EZ Pools. In the case of one family in Washington state - they figured not only could they get a pool for a whole lot less money - but they could build a house for it and use it year round. Learn More..>>

EZ Up and EZ Down
The Temporary Pool for Visiting Grand Kids
posted 04.13.2007

A couple of Grandparents wanted to make a fun and playful swimming pool retreat for their visiting grand kids - but leaving the pool up the rest of the year was a waste. With a portable pool from Really EZ Pools they didn't have to. Learn More..>>

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